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As a not-for-profit, every donation sustains JHSM's mission to discover, record, share, and celebrate Michigan’s Jewish history. Our donors serve as the inspiration for us to continue to develop our fascinating tours and programs, and enable our team to provide access to never-before-seen historical information and compelling stories. While this work is enjoyed by our members today, the benefit of your gifts is that these stories will be preserved for generations to come. 

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Tributes are a meaningful way to honor or memorialize a friend or loved one. JHSM will send one of our collector-edition tribute cards to the recipient on your behalf. You will receive notification of your donation. Tribute card donations begin at $18.

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The Jewish Historical Society of Michigan is the only Jewish organization exclusively dedicated to preserving, sharing, and celebrating the Jewish history of the State of Michigan. JHSM is a valuable resource of information, without any boundaries, curating and collaborating with all communities and institutions in Michigan. Our programs, tours, events, and publications, proudly preserve, celebrate, and bring to life the stories of Michigan’s Jewish settlers, philanthropists, leaders and pioneers.

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Michigan Women Who Made A Difference

Thank you for your support to JHSM’s Michigan Women Who Made a Difference project and archive.

Our vision, to collect and share the myriad stories and biographies of Michigan’s Jewish women who helped to build and shape our communities, can only be achieved with your support.

This website, free and open to the public, not only preserves these stories but makes them available to researchers, students, activists, genealogists, and moms and dads for generations to come. JHSM is the only Jewish organization in Michigan dedicated to the collection and preservation of these priceless stories.
The collection grows every day. Already, we have gathered some 200 stories of Jewish women whose legacies have contributed to this great state.

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